Terminal from the river

Client: Port Authority of Seville

Architects: Arquitectos Hombre de Piedra+Buró4 Arquitectos

Contractor-partner: Construcciones Cabello

Date of Project: 2013
Completion date: 2013

Total construction duration: 45 days

On-site construction duration: 15 days

Built area: 508 m2

Contract value: 225.210 €

Photos: Jesús Granada

Second phase: Cruise Terminal extension and reconditioning 2015

terminal and river

The Port of Seville needed a new multi-purpose cruise ship terminal with a flexible character in order to accommodate the unpredictable number of passengers using it on a regular basis. The on-site construction needed to be extendable, moveable and had to be built in 15 days, between two consecutive cruises’ docking.

The port authority proposed the idea of using shipping containers.

The location in the port but near the historic centre was claiming an object of architectural quality to dialogue with its urban environment. The modular construction with recycled shipping containers would be mostly finished in workshop, it will ensure the precision of the on-site work and it would guarantee to finish the works on time.

The terminal’s sustainable design takes advantage of the constructive and plasticity potential of re-used containers, adapting them to an environment and to a concrete climate. The heat of the sun in Seville over the metal envelope could turn the terminal into an oven. Bioclimatic strategies are, therefore, essential.


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