Seville Cruise Terminal

Client: Port Authority of Seville
Architects: Arquitectos Hombre de Piedra+ Buró4 Arquitectos
Date of Project: 2015
Built area: 1264 m2
Photography: Jesús Granada
First phase project: Cruise Terminal in the Port of Seville 2013

The Cruise Terminal in the Port of Seville was expanded due to the increasing number of liners being received by the port. Now, cruise ships are expected all year round, therefore the Terminal has been both insulated and air-conditioned.
The new project included doubling the original floor area and considerable improvement of its performances, thus meeting the promise of adaptability to the new needs of the original building. The environment was also rearranged by improving its general coherence. New fences were designed, as well as providing better access and walkways for both pedestrians and vehicles that have made the terminal more accessible and safe.